Steps to Nowhere….


Climb, climb, climb

Uphill all the way

Is there never and end

To this struggle and an even

Plateau? Are the lines never straight

Even for just a little while

I get tired, really tired

From this constant uphill climb

The mountain never seems to end

It goes on into oblivion

While I tire of trying to reach the top…..

©Shelley Brant – 2016



Emerging From the Cocoon….


Like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon

Getting used to the fact that it now has

Beautiful wings, with which to fly

Thus is the spirit that has broken free

Of the pain and strife of trauma

No longer weighted down by darkness

But free to soar in the beauty of light

This is the power of transformation….


©Shelley Brant – 2016


Universal Design….


Everything that exists is energy

Therefore we are all connected

And interdependent upon one another

Take one thing away and everything changes

What could have been will never be

Because now the picture is different

The energy flows in a whole other direction

To make up for the missing puzzle piece

It makes a whole other puzzle

Of a different design

And thus is  the flow of life…..

©Shelley Brant – 2016


The Playful Pixie…..



As my spirit manifests itself into light

I vibrate and radiate a rainbow of colors

All coming together to create a prism

Within my soul that beams

Beauty, grace and tenderness

Love, compassion and empathy

and unlocks the playfulness of my heart….

©Shelley Brant – 2016


_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\___Lessons: Life’s Heartbeat…


I’m not sure I know the definition of smooth

My life has never been smooth

More like a rocky incline that

Puts itself on repeat over and over

Smooth, straight, linear

Never seemed to be my calling

For there were no lessons to be

Learned in that place

Standing in front of mountains

And pulverizing them into gravel

Was where I found myself instead

Learning all there was to learn

About the human condition…..


©Shelley Brant – 2016


Chasing Butterflies and Memories…


Thoughts of butterflies and lady bugs

Jump rope and gum balls

Family Christmases and gatherings

Riding bikes and playing jacks

The swing set and sand box

Doing cartwheels with my besty

Swimming in may because we couldn’t wait

Laughing and listening to our favourite tunes

Fire-flies and fireworks

Dancing and 45’s

I smile as I let all my good childhood memories

Rise to the surface

That’s what being a child should be…..


©Shelley Brant


Angel Whispers…..


Laying on the grass one day

I was watching the clouds as they drifted away

I suddenly saw an angel appear

In white fluffy robes that looked so dear

She danced in the sky, so beautiful was she

Large feathered wings and she smiled at me

Then she floated away just as quick as she came

After that my life was never the same

I pondered that day quite a few times

Was what I saw really sublime

Or was it my imagination playing some game

And just pictures in the clouds calling my name….


©Shelley Brant – 2016


June: PTSD Awareness Month….

PTSD awareness month social media poster

June is PTSD awareness month. While we have come a long way in understanding just what PTSD is, we still have a long way to go.

The first thing that needs to be understood is that PTSD is not just a career thing, it is a trauma thing. Unfortunately, the emphasis is still on first responders and military and not on every day people who have suffered trauma in their lives. I’m sure this leads to many people being misdiagnosed and untreated. The second thing that we need to realize is that PTSD is not just a mind thing, but it’s a body and spirit thing as well. This requires a three prong treatment approach that deals with all three.  All three retain the same memories and trauma, therefore to deal with just the mind won’t fully heal PTSD.

One other thing that needs to be addressed is the “book” approach to PTSD, psychiatrists and psychologists need to start learning from their patients about the effects of PTSD and not just from text books. This is how the learning about PTSD will evolve and not stay stuck in the same old cut and paste rhetoric.

I see a lot of services available for first responders and military to deal with PTSD that are not available to other PTSD sufferers. That needs to change, again it’s the focus on PTSD being career related and not trauma related. When I did a search for service dogs, I could only find one organization who offered service dogs for people who simply had been diagnosed with PTSD, all the rest were for first responders and military.

There needs to be better public education and awareness, for the general public, for all first responders (starting with training) and also for the military (starting with training). The attitude that exists around PTSD and the fact that you are some how “weak” as a first responder or member of the military for reporting you have it, has to change. The attitude that you are some how a “danger” has to change as well. These people need help not to be made to feel like “lepers” because they saw or had to deal with too much on the job.

If you have a friend or family member who suffers from PTSD, get yourself educated on what it is and how best you can support them, with their input also. They don’t need you to pull back and treat them like some anomaly, they need your love and support, just as if they had any other kind or sickness or injury, they also need your understanding.

Please use PTSD awareness month to become aware and educated and maybe together we can help get a handle on this thing that destroys so many lives.

The Wave of My Humanity….



Anger I feel it well up inside

I try to push it away in favour

Of more pristine emotions

Some how I believed that

Anger was a negative and bad thing

I wouldn’t allow myself to feel it

But it didn’t go anywhere

It just stayed there inside me

Until it built up like a tsunami

Of emotion with nowhere to go

Then one day I allowed my self to feel

Every bit of anger I had ever felt and

I decided that feeling angry meant nothing

More than being human….

© Shelley Brant – 2016