The Eye Of The Storm….


The evening sky was painted with beautiful hues of pinks and reds, as she sipped her glass of wine, and watched the dog play in the water, she couldn’t help but think how lucky she was.

This beautiful place here by the sea was her solace and her refuge, where she came to write, dream and bask in the peace and quiet. The waves splashed roughly against the shore as if to show their mighty power and to give a warning to all who might enter their waters, always reminding then who was in charge.

She was lost in her thoughts when she began to notice the wind pick up and the temperature drop. She pulled her sweater tight and shivered a little, the waves grew bigger and were now raging and angry. She called to the dog, as she sensed a storm coming in off the coast, and they could be nasty. It was time to tuck themselves into their quaint little cottage and relax for the night. She was a bit uneasy and couldn’t figure out why. It’s not like she had never seen a storm before, she had seen plenty. She lit the fire and decided she was just being silly and poured another glass of wine.

All of a sudden the lights went out and she froze, she heard the wind whipping forcefully against the windows and she panicked. She was not good in the dark, and never had been, even when she was a child. She felt around the kitchen until she came across her candles and furiously lit them. The dog was also acting funny and stressed.  She peeked out her window and saw why, there was a funnel cloud heading right in their direction. She quickly gathered the dog and herself along with a few candles and headed toward the root-cellar.

She could hear the thrashing of the storm as she panicked in the root-cellar and wondered if they would get out alive. Although she had seen storms before, they were nothing like this one. It was like the earth was taking all its rage and aggression out in this one storm and as if it was seeking her some how. She coward in the corner trying to calm the dog for maybe two hours before she realized the storm had passed.

When she emerged from the root-cellar she expected to find nothing left of her cute little cottage and was panicked at the thought. And there it stood in all its natural beauty, her refuge, her home away from home, with only a few broken windows. She let out a huge sigh of relief and tried to calm herself down, it was time to pour herself another drink.

Fictional write for todays one word challenge…



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