Escape to Freedom….


She stepped off the plane with sigh of relief ready to start her new life. She knew if he ever found her, he would kill her, because the last time he came close. The weeks she spent in the hospital recovering from every fracture and every bruise led her to make the choice between living and dying. She chose to live, which meant leaving the man who had abused her for the last time.

Ten years of loving a man who did nothing but diminish her life, her self-esteem  and her self-worth. She meant nothing to him, she couldn’t have, a man who loves you would never want to see those horrible bruises on your skin and the tears of shame that run down your cheeks. No, she was done and this was the last time he would ever lay a hand on her or tell her how ugly she was and what a horrible wife she was. She knew though, that in order to escape him, really escape him, she was going to have to leave and go somewhere that he could never find her. Somewhere where she would  be safe from his madness and wrath, and where she would never have to see that demonic look in his eyes as he hurt her, ever again.

She thought to herself “How did things turn out like this?” “How did the man that she married and loved with all her heart turn into a monster right before her eyes?” There were signs yes, but she always chose to ignore them, making excuses for him every step of the way and in turn blamed herself instead. That first shove came back to her in a flash, she excused that shove by telling herself he had just had a bad day at work and that she should try harder to be a more understanding wife. Next came the black eye and she told herself that he didn’t really mean it and she would try not upset him so much. Oh yes she could clearly see now how she placed his happiness and well-being before her own including her own safety, and created a fantasy of who he really was and just how much he really loved her.

As she walked down the steps of the plane to her new life, safe for the first time in years, she thought to herself, “It is now time for me to write my own life story and what a saga it’s going to be.”

This is my first attempt at a fictional write for the daily prompt. I hope you enjoyed it.

© Shelley Brant – 2016



6 thoughts on “Escape to Freedom….

  1. I Sing the Body Electric says:

    Love this-I didn’t know it was fictional till the end-I thought you’d gone through that yourself as it was so believable. Quality writing lovely 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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