When the Sun Doesn’t Shine….

  •  dead plant

The little plant sat in the corner

In the dark, invisible and ignored

Once in a while someone might

Come along and water it

But most times it was just forgotten

It began to wilt with sadness

It’s leaves began to shrivel

It simply gave up on life

The world of darkness was just

Too much for the little plant

What it needed was some love

Tender care and sunlight

In order to flourish…..

But it never came…..

©Shelley Brant – 2016



4 thoughts on “When the Sun Doesn’t Shine….

  1. gildapat says:

    This poem is so beautifully written! How sad for those who don’t survive the cruelty of darkness, or else remain just half alive. You might want to check out my poem-“The Gift of Darkness,” about the “dark night of the soul.” I added a second stanza.

    Liked by 2 people

    • shelleyb552 says:

      Yes it is sad and I’m glad you got the symbolism gilda. This poem is indeed about those who don’t survive. Thanks for your feedback and I will take a look at your poem, been there done that with the dark night of the soul.

      Liked by 1 person

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