The Child Within…..


I’m sorry so early on in life

I lost confidence in you and trust

I didn’t listen to you when that’s all you needed

I blocked your voice out in favour of my own

I didn’t give you the love and compassion

That you longed and yearned for

I didn’t embrace you in all your intelligence

I didn’t return your kindness and gentleness

I shut you out and buried you in the depths of my mind

I am so sorry my inner child in all your beauty and wonderment

That I underestimated you……


© Shelley Brant – 2016



6 thoughts on “The Child Within…..

  1. shelleyb552 says:

    Awwwweeee…Hugs Alexis. I think it’s all a part of healing and forgiving ourselves for the times we weren’t there for ourselves. Also it’s about learning to give ourselves everything we needed but didn’t have, especially that child within who still needs our love and compassion.


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