A Stroll Down Memory Lane….


Today I took a stroll down memory lane

A lane that was paved with sorrow and pain

On the left I saw a child scared and crying alone

Wondering what it was like to have a happy home

On the right a saw a woman struggling to be free

Of the ghosts that haunted her and that woman was me

On down the path I saw a child run and play

Smiling from ear to ear on some happier days

Then I saw the darkness looming on the lane

Like cloud cover does just before the rain

A little further on I saw struggle and strife

A soul so tattered and worn and tired of life

A few steps more and the sunlight appeared

The lane it looked pretty and not riddled in fear

Wild flowers bloomed and the grass it was green

It was the prettiest sight I had ever seen

So that was my stroll down memory lane

I remember to look but not feel the pain….


© Shelley Brant- 2016



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