Fallen Heroes: Sacrifice….



Today was like any other day, he waved goodbye,

Jumped in his cruiser and rode around, until the call came in,

Shots fired, all units respond, he sped to the scene,

Cautiously he walked toward the sound, when a shot rang out,

And there another fallen officer lay….


The fire was brutal, the worst he had ever seen,

He entered the building, just like he had a thousand times before,

The heat was intense, the smoke was thick  and the flames drew close,

Suddenly there was a loud bang and the building collapsed,

And there another fallen fire fighter lay….


The sun was hot and brutal that day, he wiped his forehead,

In the distance something moved, someone was getting close,

He shouted to his troops, as the enemy approached,

All at once a great explosion, the missile hit its target,

And there another fallen soldier lay….


For your sacrifice: I say Thank You.


© Shelley Brant – 2016


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