From Darkness to Light: My Shadow….


I stand and I faced her eye to eye

She’s frightened and shaking

She’s afraid of the dark and the unknown

Her fear a manifestation of anger and pain

She’s afraid to get close too close for them to see

The depths of despair that have lingered for years

The storm that has embraced her life

Her weakness and her flaws magnified by her mind

Her confusion and inability to trust even herself

In that moment I reached out to her with a warm embrace

And her darkness transformed into light

She was now home and she was loved……

My shadow.


©Shelley Brant – 2016



4 thoughts on “From Darkness to Light: My Shadow….

  1. shelleyb552 says:

    I find writing, especially poetry very cathartic. I just write what’s there to be written. Thank you very much for your comment and I’m glad you could relate.


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