The Old Abandoned House….




How is it that something so beautiful could be left there all alone?

Tattered and melancholy it cried out from its walls made of stone…

“I have seen much better days when I was new and loved by all

Now I just sit here lonely and nobody heeds my call”…

“I need some brand new paint and a few tweaks here and there

Can someone tell me please if they will show me some loving care?”…

“Fill me with love and kindness just like the days of old

And in turn I will give you warmth on the days that seem too cold”….

As I thought about the house and how it longed to be

I found some similarities between that old house and me….

I know abandonment well and how it hurts so deep inside

The long days all alone wondering if they will ever subside….

I wish I could buy that old house and give it what it needs

Some loving tender care and to cut down all the weeds….

We could keep each other company and dry each others tears

We could spend lovely days together and quell each others fears….

That old house and I.

© Shelley Brant – 2016



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