The Haunted Stairway….


We climbed the stairs together PTSD and I….

Clutching hands and trembling as we looked up toward the sky….

Darkness and despair was all that we could see….

As we looked upon the stairway of days gone by for me….

One step held the memories that I wanted to forget….

One step held the grief of a child in great torment….

One step held the fears of trauma and events….

One step held the tears that I cried in solitude and silence….

One step held the flashbacks that haunted me each day….

One step held the anxiety that so often came into play….

One step held the anger at who I could have  been….

One step held the agony that I felt each day within….

One step held my voice that I couldn’t seem to unlock….

One step held the nightmares that I couldn’t seem to block….

One step held the choice to stay trapped or to be free….

And the last step that I took held the love I had for me.

© Shelley Brant




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